About Us

On a quest to find a source of nutrient-rich foods, we discovered that establishments claiming to be health-conscious were not providing 100% truly natural products that we seeked.  Blend It Healthy was created as a response to this discovery in order to provide access to true nourishment. We are an honest business that keeps the well-being of our customers in mind when serving our nutritious freshly made drinks, free from artificial additives and full of integrity. Together with our customers, we create a community in which we strive for wellness, consolidate knowledge, and celebrate life through wholesome nutrition.


Our Story

The lives of Emily and Albert took an unexpected turn in 2009 when Emily was diagnosed with breast cancer. The shock of the news prompted Albert to research on how best to manage his wife’s health. It became very apparent that nutrition is of the utmost importance. In his research, he found the best nutrition comes from fruits and vegetables. This knowledge inspired them to share their vision of health and wellness. So in 2014, Blend It Healthy was born. Since then, we have cultivated a community of passionate individuals – encouraging them on their health journeys as they embrace food as preventive medicine.

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